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Name:uaa agents.
Birthdate:Apr 30

Some More Heroes

You have been selected from a very prestigious group of people to participate in the official games of the UAA.

You don't remember checking into a motel last night, especially not one this dingy. You have no idea where the envelope with the letter and some cash on the table came from, or who this Sylvia person is. The only thing in the room that isn't standard hotel fare is the box on the desk marked with a large, stenciled number. In that box is your personalized weapon, and it's the only thing you have to protect yourself with in the coming months.

Welcome to Santa Destroy. It's a small city and a poor one, but business has been picking up since the last round of ranked matches. In light of this, the UAA is planning a sequel to the bloodshed. However, they need to test the system before they send the limited supply of assassins in their own world into the fray.

That's where you come in! You have the honor of being chosen as a test subject. The stenciled number on the package your weapon came in? That's your rank among assassins. Before you? The assassins you must defeat to get home. Behind you? An infinite number of assassins with the exact same goal.

Everyone wants to be #1.

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