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Reserves are currently OPEN.

If you would like to reserve a character, first make sure that your character is not already reserved or on the taken list, then comment here with the following information:

Player Name: (Your name!)
Player Journal: (If you do not have a journal, simply state so here.)
Contact: (AIM, plurk, email, whatever you would like to share.)

Character: (Western order, please - Travis Touchdown, not Touchdown Travis.)
Fandom: (The series your character is from.)

Character reserves last one week, and you are permitted to reserve up to two characters within a reservation period. If you would like to withdraw a reserve, please do not delete your comment; just reply to your previous reserve and we will remove it for you.

Please remember that a reserve does not guarantee an acceptance; we also accept challenge applications!

Current Reserves


Note: If something is misspelled, please feel free to correct!